The Mass Exodus Appeal

Ryerson has always been notorious for their amazing Mass Exodus runway show. Most of Canada’s biggest fashion talents had shown their first collections at on that very catwalk. David Dixon, Erdem and Todd Lynn to name a few are part of Ryerson’s design alumni and the designers I saw on Saturday look to have an as promising future. But, it wasn’t just the design that blew me away. The organization, the public relations and the curated pop-ups outside the show were also outstanding. Not to mention the show was curated by Bryon and Dexter Peart.

Pop-ups like Burping Glitter and I’m Telling You Stories had the visual taste of a fashion magazine or look book. Little did I know these pop-ups where not just well-merchandised displays. When I spoke to the creative student behind Burping Glitter, she explained that the project was a creative thesis. Jillian Kraus (@jillian.kraus) photographed, styled and creatively directed a coffee table book for her thesis based on her love for food, and fashion. “We could have chosen to do anything we wanted, but I love food and fashion so I wanted to fuse them both.” Her photographs were oozing of bright colors, delicious food and unique models. “Stereotypes that the fashion industry shuns food, promotes malnutrition, and worships tall and skinny as the beauty ideal are inaccurate and dated.”

I also love that Mass Exodus didn’t just show Women’s ready-to-wear, they had a collection for everyone. From women’s and men’s swimwear, sportswear to lingerie every collection told a different story. The stand out runway collections was Adrian Arnieri’s The Electric Lady’s and Millie Yate’s Scythe to name a few. Yate’s Scythe was a perfect blend between trend and art. Her collection could be work by both Rihanna and Emma Watson.

Arnieri’s The Electric Lady’s was everything electric. With the bold patterns and bright colored furs, his collection was made for women that are ready to steal the show. And his collection did just that when model Aluad Anei strutted down the runway in his turtleneck patent leather striped body with orange fur glamorously dragging on the floor. On Instagram the designer tagged Beyonce, and that is exactly who I see in that look.

At the end of the night, I met a woman who was a successful lawyer and decided to make a life-changing decision to enroll in Ryerson’s design program. She told me she had never felt more alive. You could see that in all of the students work, they were accomplished talented and determined. Their work was alive.

Contributor: Olivia Jordan
Photo: Olivia Jordan

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