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Outdoor Adventure Series: Trail Running

Welcome to our Outdoor Adventure Series; a series where we take you into the great outdoors to experience bliss and stay awhile. It’s here where we take a deep dive into how to move our bodies in shapes and forms that feel true to us. A place where we welcome all and celebrate the little triumphs of simply tapping into the natural flow of things. Here, we take you on a trail running journey to share trail running tips and tricks with our favourite trail running goods.

So go on, grab your runners and let’s get started.

Outdoor Adventure Series: Trail running

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Easy Does It

If you’re new to trail running, we highly recommend beginning with simple, well-marked trails to ease you into the practice. First things first, download the All Trails app; this will hands down be your new best friend. From exploring trails to mapping out your path, the app will be your go to navigation system while out on the winding paths. By choosing trails that are marked ‘easy’ you’ll be able to ease your body into the lightness of trail running. And, as you progress, you can take on more technical terrain and become as impeccable as legendary ultrarunners @paucapell and @courtneydauwalter.

Fancy Footwear

Outdoor Adventure Series: Fancy Footwear

Photo via NNormal | Photo credit: @tomdepeyret

Invest in a pair of trail running shoes that will take you through the mud, rain, and rough terrain. We highly suggest finding a comfortable pair of runners that offer good traction, stability and protection. Look for shoes that are made for high-speed comfort, and have that lightweight reactivity we all look for while running around. Our favourite is the NNORMAL’s Kjerag trail running shoe as it’s simply made for your first run to your 50th. With a VIBRAM® Megagrip and Litebase, this exceptionally breathable shoe is engineered specifically for trail running. Trust us when we say this may be your biggest investment, but it’s so worth it while out on the trail.

Layer Up

When running through a forest, you may be met with wind, rain and everything in between. Wear moisture-wicking clothing; like Vuori’s Outdoor Trainer Shell, to keep you easily moving with the wind on all your outdoor adventures. Layer up with a supportive sports bra, moisture-wicking tanks or tees, toss on a pair of shorts or leggings and a good solid pair of sunglasses like Foster Grant’s IRONMAN sunglasses and you’re good to go for miles on end.

Stay Alert + Be Prepared

Outdoor Adventure Series

Photo credit: @courtneydauwalter

Trails are different than roads. Tree roots stick out, or you’re met with uneven, wacky surfaces. While taking to the trail, stay alert and focused. Maintain your footing, and be prepared by bringing a few extra goods with you that you may not have on a regular ol’ run through the streets. We highly recommend bringing a cell phone (with the All Trails app), a whistle, water and light snacks. If you’re heading into the deep woods, bring a headlamp with you (we love the Petzl ACTIK 350) to provide you with light while digging deep in the forest.

Leave No Trace

We whole heartedly believe that when we’re out on rugged terrain, it should stay that way. While running on a trail, be respectful of the land you’re cruising across. Stay on designated trails, keep your trash, and be mindful of any wildlife or other folks you encounter while out there.

Go on, get out there folks, it’s trail running season here in the Great White North and we can’t wait to meet you on some of our favourite trails.

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