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Melaina Gasbarrino is healer, earth activist, author, and creator. From a young age, she felt a greater connection to something bigger than herself and was filled with a desire to follow her own path. After owning an environmental education company for years, she felt pulled to do something ‘bigger’. So, as the story goes, she became a yoga teacher and a Samhara Energy Medicine Healer.

She founded SALT to TREE in 2017 as a way to re-connect people to the way we move and breathe on this Earth. Through her calm demeanour and balancing nature, she integrates transformative healing practices like reiki, sound baths and yoga, to live WITH the Earth. Following her innate sense of healing, she works with the energetics of the land to invite you to find balance within your body, mind and soul.

She has hosted retreats, yoga classes, individual healing sessions, and sound bath medtations in The Hamptons, Tulum, Hawaii, Costa Rica, New York City, Muskoka, and in Niagara. Living a minimalistic life, through her social platforms she educates others to simply live.

An environmentalist, at heart she has self-published children’s environmental books; “Lola’s Beach Clean-Up” and “Lola Bans Plastics”, hosted multiple beach cleanups wherever her travels take her, and is forever grounding into the connection she has with Spirit.

She invites us all to take a moment to reflect, heal and re-connect with nature to find our own version of bliss.

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