#Trending In Canada: The Paper Bag Trouser - STYLE Canada


The shift in women’s streetwear wear over recent months has reflected exactly how far we’ve come from the super tight, body-sculpting silhouettes that dominated the 2000s (so long, Juicy tracksuit). Boxy, loose-fitting clothing that still manages to flatter the figure is in, and paper bag trousers – a.k.a high-waisted pants with waistlines that sit just above the navel resembling a scrunched paper bag – gained major traction in 2019. Thus far, the universally flattering paper bag fit is one of 2020’s biggest trends in women’s streetwear. When tucked and tied, these slacks have an especially waist-cinching affect that make any crop top look good. And we’ve got proof! Scroll down to see how the most stylish Canadians are rocking paper bag trousers on social.

1. Pleather Perfection


2. Paper Bag Princess


3. Lime And Leather


4. Cargo Cutie


5. High-Waisted, High Drama


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