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Pride presents a one-of-a-kind event that celebrates the love, kindness and acceptance of the LGBTQ2S+ community, as well as members who’ve passed on. This summer’s celebration marks a special milestone: the 50th anniversary of the Pride parade, which began exactly one year after New York City’s Stonewall riots.

Unfortunately, the hearts of those looking forward to celebrating Pride have been heavy since the cancelling of hundreds of events due to COVID-19. Though 2020 has been a mess of a year, something good has come out of it after all: in participating countries across the world, all lovers will be celebrating Global Pride, virtually.

In light of the recent injustices against the Black community in the U.S., creating an environment in which all members that identify as LGBTQ2S+ feel safe, welcomed, recognized and loved is of the utmost importance. Pride means something different to everyone and regardless of how you celebrate or how long you celebrate for, the 24-hour live stream of Global Pride is making sure that the beautiful diversity of LGBTQ2S+ people is reflected on and embraced, no matter the situation. 

Here’s what virtual Pride will look like around the world:


Global Pride – June 27

Event: Virtual Pride

Organizers from all over the world have come together to create Global Pride 2020, which will live stream Pride festivals across the globe. Organizations like InterPride, EuroPride and UK Pride Network will participate, providing interactive workshops, speeches from guest activists and musical performances for viewers. New details are announced on Global Pride’s website, every day.


New York City – June 28

Events: Virtual Pride Parade, Virtual Trans & Dyke Rally and more

New York City is the cornerstone of the Pride movement and millions attend its celebration every year. NYC Pride 2020 will include live-streamed performances from award-winning singers like Janelle Monáe and the two-hour broadcast is set to air on ABC7 New York. More details are available on NYC Pride’s website.


Toronto – All of June

Events: Virtual Pride Parade, Virtual Trans & Dyke Rally and more

Toronto celebrates Pride with a month’s worth of events and an enormous parade at the end of June. On June 1, Mayor John Tory will raise the LGBT and trans pride flags to commence Pride Month. On June 26, a virtual trans and non-binary rally will take place, the virtual dyke rally will begin on June 27, and the virtual Pride parade will start on June 28. Additional online events will be announced throughout the month as well and Pride Toronto will be posting all the latest information.


San Diego – June through July

Events: Virtual Pride Parade, She Fest and more

Throughout June and July, San Diego Pride will be taking all events online including She Fest: a celebration of all LGBTQ2S+ women and their allies. Check out San Diego Pride’s website for more details on virtual events. 


Dublin – June 18 through June 28

Events: Virtual Pride Parade, Virtual Pride Concert and more

Summer 2020 marks the fifth year that recognized same-sex marriage with a 71 percent approval vote and Dublin’s annual Pride celebration has grown every year since. Dublin Pride has long been known as Ireland’s largest fundraising event for vulnerable communities, even before the marriage equality vote. Throughout the second half of June, Dublin Pride will move all events online as well, including walking tours, talks and workshops. On June 28, Dublin Pride will conclude with a virtual concert.

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