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Labour Day weekend is here and we’re ready to party (at a socially acceptable distance, of course).

Depending on the day, this summer has felt like it’s either lasted a minute or a whole year. In any case, we’re all due for some lake time and a cold beverage (enjoyed responsibly).

Below, we rounded up four of our favourite Canadian-made canned bevies for you to enjoy. Have one, on us.

1. Good Sunday

Childhood friends and founders of Good Sunday, Dylan and Christian, have more dirt on each other than they care to wager. On one of their recent adventures, they sat barside and were disappointed in the cocktail placed in front of them. A simple gin and soda should not be difficult to make, yet from where they sat at that moment, it clearly was.

And so, Good Sunday was born with the objective creating a consistent, premium gin cocktail in every can. Using only local batch gin, a squeeze of real fruit juice and freshly carbonated water, Good Sunday contains only three per cent alcohol and is low in calories and sugar.

2. Bangarang

Bangarang is a new hard seltzer from London, ON. This clear, low calorie, low carb and low sugar drink quickly became a hometown favourite since its launch in May and is starting to gain popularity through out the rest of the province thanks to its clean finish.

Bangarang Hard Seltzers are a refreshing blend of craft seltzer and natural fruit flavours. Bangarang is available exclusively at The Beer Store in three delicious flavours: Mango, Lemon-Lime and our personal favourite Blue Raspberry (think blue freezie!).

3. Nude Beverages

Canada’s first ready-to-drink, five per cent, sugar-free vodka soda launched in 2017. Headquartered in Vancouver, B.C., Nude was created with a mission to develop drinks that were sugar and sweetener free. Flavours include the original vodka soda, gin soda (our favourite), iced tea, and tequila soda – the newest addition to Nude’s product line.

Each can contains just 100 calories and all-natural flavours. What else do we love about them? Their success in the canned cocktail space has allowed them to give back to their community by donating more than $100,000 to animal welfare and rescue initiatives in Canada.

4. Brunch

This cider had us at the name Brunch. Developed by two local Niagara ladies who know how to have a good time, Brunch has become our go-to summer cider since its launch last month.

For the time being, you have to be lucky enough to live in or be visiting the Niagara region to get your hands on a can, though Brunch is available in select restaurants. Keep an eye out for more details on how you can get a taste in your region this fall.

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