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Flow into an easy, breezy self-care routine with these simple ideas — moving, reading and journaling our at the top of our list…what are some of your favourite self-care routines? ⁠

Journal Prompt Reflections

'Morning Meditations' : A Guided Journal to Start Each Day Feeling Calm and Energized' by Quarto Publishing Group

‘Morning Meditations’ : A Guided Journal to Start Each Day Feeling Calm and Energized’ by Quarto Publishing Group

Start your morning off the right way with a quick journal session! Journaling helps calm anxiety, as well as improves your mental health. If you’re unsure about where to start, not to worry as we’ve got you covered! Lately, we’ve been loving ‘Morning Meditations: A Guided Journal to Start Each Day Feeling Calm and Energized.’ This guided journal offers hundreds of different writing prompts that allow you to reflect on your thoughts and feelings, your goals, and what you’re grateful for.

Turn Off All Distractions

Photo credit: cottonbro studio Self-Care Tips For Mental Health

Photo credit: cottonbro studio

Do you ever find yourself staring at your screen for hours on end? We’ve all been there. When we shift our mindset and give ourself time to find a calming activity (like reading your favourite book outside with a cup of tea), the days stresses seem to float away. If you’re looking for a good book to read, check out our Boreal Book Club for some great recommendations.

Get Active

Photo credit: Sharona's Hill

Photo credit: Sharona’s Hill

Not only does moving your body help with physical health, but it also helps with mental health! If you’re looking for a fun way to exercise at home, we suggest trying out a ‘Dance Workout’ video with music from your favourite artists. Lately, we’ve been loving Sharona’s Hill’s videos, as her dance workouts feature music from artists such as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and more!

The ’20-20′ Rule

Photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio

The ’20-20 Rule’ is where every twenty minutes, you take a twenty-second break from looking at your screen and instead, focus your attention on something that is about twenty feet away. This rule reminds you to take a breather, as well as give you a chance to loosen up. On top of that, not only does this reduce stress during a busy day, but it also helps reduce digital eye strain.

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